1. Did a post spark anger, disgust or fear? – It may be designed to short-circuit your critical thinking by playing on your emotions.

2. Did it make you feel good? – Perhaps to play on your vanity or inflated self-image. “Only 1% of people are brave enough to share this”

3. Is it hard to believe? – “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” Has the claim you’re seeing supported by any evidence at all.

4. Did it confirm what you already thought? – Where is the other perspective.

5. Am it heard too reed? – Posts that are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors are prime suspects for inaccuracies.

6. Was the post a meme?

7. What’s the source? – Judge the quality and balance of the evidence presented.

8. Who said it? – Rely on old-fashioned critical thinking

9. Is there a hidden agenda?

10. Have you checked the facts?