First Minister Mark Drakeford will announce a plan for easing lockdown beyond Easter and into mid-April today (Friday, March 12).

He will be delivering news of the latest three-week review of level four restrictions that have been in place in Wales since December 20. He will be speaking from 12.15pm with live updates from his briefing below. We already know that the “stay home” rule will become “stay local” and that a limited number of people will be allowed to socialise outdoors, including in gardens.

All primary school children and older pupils taking exams are set to return to school on Monday and hairdressers will get the green light to open from then too.

This article breaks down everything we know so far while if you go here you can look in detail at all the dates you need to know in the coming weeks. Outdoor sports facilities, such as golf clubs, will be able to open again from Saturday – get the latest on that here.

The First Minister will tell the public in his address from Cathays Park: “We are taking a phased approach to unlocking each sector – starting with schools. We will make step-by-step changes each week to gradually restore freedoms. We will monitor each change we make so we know what impact each change has had on Wales’ public health situation.”

From Saturday, March 13, the existing ‘stay at home’ message will be replaced by a ‘stay local’ rule Also from Saturday up to four people from a maximum of two households will be able to socialise together outdoors, including in gardens Outdoor sports facilities such as basketball and tennis courts and golf courses can also open again from Saturday Care home visits will be able to resume from Saturday, March 13, on the basis of a single designated visitor From Monday, March 15, all primary school pupils will return to face-to-face teaching, as will exam-year students in secondary schools. Wholesale school re-opening will not take place until after the Easter break Hairdressers and barbers can re-open for appointments from Monday, March 15 Non-essential retail will begin to re-open on a gradual basis from Monday, March 22. At that stage shops such as supermarkets, which are currently entitled to remain open, will see restrictions on what they can sell removed while garden centres can re-open from that date All shops, including close contact services, will be able to re-open from April 12

The First Minister has previously said: “We want to lift restrictions where we can do so, but to do so in a careful way, one step at a time, keeping an eye as always on our main priority – getting children back for face-to-face teaching.”

Mr Drakeford also said he wants to give a timetable for “the next three weeks and more than that too” in the latest briefing. He said this would cover “what we intend doing over Easter and into the middle of April”.

“More than that I think is impossible to say definitely,” he added.

“I want to give more assurance [for Easter and beyond] to people and businesses on Friday.”

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